Became known the reason why You should never feed ducks bread!

If You like to walk in the Park, you probably often came across ducks swimming in the pond. They are certainly adorable, and we always want to feed them bread. Suggest next time to think twice!

Стала відома причина, чому Ви ніколи не повинні годувати качок хлібом!

Ducks, pigeons, geese and other birds that live in the same environment as people often get food from the hands, informs Rus.Media.

Before doing so, it is necessary to read very important information. It will be useful to every person!

If You often walk in the parks, you probably ever ran into ducks.

Most ducks, for their part, are so used to humans that they even not shy and is not afraid to pass!

Many of us, seeing these beautiful creatures, takes bread or bakery products, and begin to feed them. The fact that it’s not quite right.

Bread – the product, which is just not worth it to feed these birds.

Probably, You have often seen how people come to the pond or lake to feed the ducks. Of course, they’re only doing this with good intentions.

It seems that this good deed is not very useful for our feathered friends.

Granted, stale bread can have a serious impact on the health of ducks.

On the other hand, ducks who live in cities or nearby parks, often refuse to self-search of food, because I know that soon the pond will suit the couple, for example…

Unfortunately, these birds sometimes eat chips, popcorn and other snacks. Bakery products are not ducks no nutritional value.

But if the ducks only eat bread, their immune system is compromised, and health is threatened.

Bread products are especially dangerous for young ducklings.

The ducklings have not yet developed immunity, and they are exposed to serious risk.

Plus, the ducks lost the instincts of self-foraging.

In addition, an excess of bread in ponds, canals and other water bodies can cause serious problems for the environment.

Such pollution is also a serious temptation for pests, such as rats and mice.

Fortunately, many parks are special signs prohibiting to feed the inhabitants of the area.

But don’t despair.

There is a list of products that are not dangerous for the health of our feathered friends!

Here is what you can replace stale pieces of bread:

  • the crushed grain
  • barley
  • figure
  • grapes (cut)
  • peas and corn
  • chopped green salad and vegetables
  • earthworms

All of these delicious and nutritious treats sure won’t hurt the ducks, and feeding will give You aesthetic pleasure!

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