Be careful. Popular fragrances affect the psyche of the driver

Harmful fragrances for the car.

Будьте обережні. Які популярні аромати впливають на психіку водія

Nice when in the room or the car feels amazing flavor. It is important to remember that each smell has its own peculiarities and properties. For example, essential oil of orange or lemon, have a bracing, uplifting, but the ylang-ylang and rose evoke sensuality, informs Rus.Media.

It is scientifically proven that fragrances can affect the psyche of the driver. You should choose them with care, and beware of those that can interfere with driving the vehicle.

Lavender. Pleasant, soothing smell of lavender can cause drowsiness, excessive slackness will prevent to concentrate and gather. This driving is certainly no good will not.

Vanilla. Usually, a preference for aromas with bright notes of vanilla give girls and women. Remember that cloying sweetness may cause nausea, dizziness, feeling sick.

Sandal. But woody scent of sandalwood, with light notes of tobacco, able to conquer men’s heart. No wonder this scent is considered the most “influential” in the world. Keep in mind that the sandal in any case cannot be used in depression (he only makes it worse), as well as during pregnancy.

Rose. The aroma of rose oil is associated with femininity and sensuality, can create a feeling of freshness and purity in machine. Unfortunately, it is better not to breathe during pregnancy, as it improves muscle tone, which is very dangerous for expectant mothers

The cardamom. The smell of this popular spice is extremely distinct, strong, sharp. It can annoy, distract from driving, it is unpleasant to “open” in combination with scents of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Artificial flavors. It is better to refrain from a variety of variations of artificial flavors (coffee, strawberry, banana, etc.), since they have an unnatural composition, and can easily cause nausea, allergic reactions.

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