Audi introduced a car with screens instead of mirrors

The innovation will appear in a future electric crossover Audi E-tron.

Audi представила автомобіль з екранами замість дзеркал

In the pursuit of consumers to the auto manufacturers go to various tricks in order to stand out from the competition, informs Rus.Media.

For example, Audi has presented a car that had no mirrors. Instead, they installed high-definition displays.

The innovation will appear in a future electric crossover Audi E-tron, the start of sales of which is scheduled for late 2018 — early 2019.

Externally in the car instead of mirrors are cameras that monitor what is happening behind the machine. But the displays are located on the front doors of the car.

As stated by the developers, the screens will be easy to change depending on the situation. The operating modes of the cameras and image output look different to riding around town, on a busy highway and Parking.

Diagonal “displays the rear view” is 7 inches and the image on them can be controlled from a smartphone, and car dashboard.

By the way, instead of the instrument panel mounted OLED display. And instead of the management console machine.

According to witnesses, the presence of such a large number of screens is what sets the car against the competition.

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