7 amazing uses of lemon, which I would not have guessed

Lemon is one of the most common citrus fruits.

7 дивовижних варіантів використаня лимона про які я б і не здогадалась

Lemon is rich in minerals and vitamins that are important for health. In addition to the popular and medicinal qualities of lemon juice should not be ignored and its peel, because it will help you to restore the beauty, to clean the house.

You should know that lemon is very useful, but his skin is even more useful than the juice because it eliminates toxins from the body and works as a restorative agent. It is more useful than chemotherapy, as it helps to destroy cancer cells and reduces tumors. Also, lemon peel is a bactericide, regulates blood pressure and fights against nervousness, informs Rus.Media.

Amazing use of lemon:

  • Reduces cholesterol and body detoxify

Lemon peel is a source of antioxidants, healthy cholesterol and cleanses the body. The rind should be grated on a grater and add to the water. Then add the lemon juice and eat.

  • Softens dry skin and elbows

Mix grated lemon rind with one tablespoon of baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply on the elbows.

  • Body scrub

Mix a Cup of sugar and grated lemon peel. Add 1/8 Cup of olive oil and you will have ready natural body scrub. Apply the scrub should to damp skin and massage gently.

  • Disinfection of kitchen surfaces

The lemon peel has anti-bacterial qualities, making it ideal for disinfection of different surfaces in the kitchen. For example, for kitchen boards for cutting.

  • Cleaner for microwave

Put in ceramic bowl with lemon rind and water and leave in the microwave for 3 minutes, the mixture began to boil. Such a pair is completely clean oven.

  • Protects from insects

To do this, just take a lemon and prostant him with a knife in several places, and the smell will repel insects.

  • Homemade seasoning of lemon

Bring to the boil 500 ml of water, 2 whole lemon, 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary, a teaspoon of vanilla. When the mixture comes to a boil – remove from heat. Store the mixture in the refrigerator.

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