Why not leave it in the car a bottle of water

Forget a bottle of plain water in the machine and you will learn what a real trouble.

Чому не варто залишати в машині пляшку води

Johnny Amudsen, technical specialist Toyota learned this the hard way and recorded a video, after which you’ll never leave the water, informs Rus.Media.

Johnny decided to spend the lunch break in the car. It was a hot day, the sun was still glaring through the window. The corner of his eye he noticed something amiss: from under the rails of the seat and the plastic bottle with water rose a thin stream of smoke.

Чому не варто залишати в машині пляшку води

The bottle in such conditions can work no worse than the present dandruff. But in a closed car fire extends instantly — johnny’s just lucky he was around at the right time and managed to pick up a bottle.

In addition, under the influence of the sun a plastic bottle begins to poison the water itself with harmful chemical substances. Not worth the risk nor health, nor machine — for normal water.

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