What happens to your face after washing with Apple cider vinegar: what you learn may surprise you

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Що відбувається з вашим обличчям після вмивання яблучним оцтом: те, що ви дізнаєтеся, може здивувати вас

If you have skin problems, you have probably tried all the facial products on the market, but you may not have thought to try Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar contains a lot of ingredients that benefit your skin, and it is much cheaper than some expensive cleansers for the face that claim to provide your skin the same benefits. It is known that this substance really helps to fight acne and reduce the appearance of age spots, informs Rus.Media.

Apple cider vinegar contains alpha hydroxy acids that work to remove dead skin cells. A lot of expensive cleansers for the face that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, but the quantity that contains Apple cider vinegar, much higher.

To use vinegar for getting rid of age spots you can apply a little diluted Apple cider vinegar on the face using a cotton pad. It is recommended to leave the vinegar for 20-30 minutes before rinse it off.

In addition, Apple cider vinegar is known to help fight acne. When the vinegar is applied, the formation of acidic substances, which give it antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties help to treat and prevent acne infections and skin. Apple cider vinegar also blocks your pores and helps the skin to breathe, helping to prevent the formation of pimples. It can also help to balance the skin’s pH, which keeps the skin too oily or too dry.

Apple cider vinegar is strong stuff, so be sure to dilute it with water before using so you don’t hurt the skin.

To make your own cleanser, mix a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar 3 tablespoons water in a small bowl. Then wet your face with water and use a cotton pad to wipe the mixture of the skin.

It is best to use organic Apple cider vinegar. Only this kind of vinegar contains enzymes, bacteria and minerals that are good for your skin. If you use the refined Apple cider vinegar, you will not receive these benefits.

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