The organizer of the aunts made a scene in court. Video

Организатор титушек устроил скандал в суде. Видео

Prosecutors at today’s meeting have started to read the indictment.

Organisator aunts Yuriy Krysin scandal during the next meeting of the Darnytsia court of Kyiv in the case.

As reported by the online edition of the with reference to the Censor.NO, writes about this on his page on the social network journalist, “Gordon” Nato Dvali. She has published a fragment of video from the courtroom, where Krysin requires disqualification of the Prosecutor and declares that he is bad. Prosecutors at today’s meeting have started to read the indictment.

Recall, Darnitskiy district court of Kiev considers the case against the Rat and Sergei Chemes in three episodes. According to investigators, in January 2014, near the metro station “Petrovka” aunts kidnapped Vladislav Ivanenko, was taken to a wooded area in campground aunts near the metro station “Borispol” and tortured, demanding under the video to provide certain information. Krysino and Chemes are charged with recruiting persons to the protection of the camp aunts and giving instructions about committing illegal acts against the victim Ivanenko.

On the second episode of the case Krysin and Chemes act as organizers of aunts who, on 18 February 2014, a few hours before the attack on the journalist Vyacheslav Veremiya, threw explosives on the barricades of euromaidan on Prorizna street in Kiev. Also in this episode Krysino and Chemes are charged with counter-protesters as they put aunts subordinate task is not to produce and not to let the activists on Maidan Nezalezhnosti by violence against them.

On the third episode of business – about the murder of journalist Veremiya – accused only Chemes, as Krysino the sentence already passed in the relevant trade.

We will remind that the journalist Vyacheslav Veremey was killed in the night of 19 February 2014. Then he went to work for a taxi home. On the corner of the street, the journalist saw armed thugs in camouflage uniforms and masks and tried to photograph them from the car. Armed men attacked the car began to break, pulled the driver and passengers. The driver and another passenger after the beating, managed to escape, and Veremiya aunts was severely beaten, then shot in the back. Veremey was taken to the emergency ward of the Kyiv emergency hospital, however, the loss of large amounts of blood and injuries on the morning of February 19 he died during surgery.

18 September 2015 the head of the Department of special investigations the Main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk said that the killer is Veremiya, a man named Jalal Aliyev. According to unofficial information, the killer fought on the side of the militants “DNR” and was killed in Horlivka in July 2015.

The Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev on 22 December convicted the defendant in the case Veremiya Yuri Rat – he was given a sentence of four years imprisonment with a probation period of two years. The General Prosecutor asked for six years imprisonment. Krysin, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

13 June 2018, the Appellate court of Kiev partially satisfied the complaint of the Prosecutor’s office and representatives of the aggrieved party to the decision of Shevchenkovsky regional court changing a suspended sentence Rat of 5 years of real imprisonment.

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