Propolis – buy from beekeepers and forget about the pills!

The healing properties of this product can not be overestimated!

Прополіс - купуйте у бджолярів і забудьте про таблетки!

In order to get rid of tinnitus (this recipe gave me the doctor), it is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of drugstore tincture of propolis, 3 teaspoons of olive oil and stir. In the mixture to wet the wicks from cotton wool for the night and lay them in her ears. For treatment I had a total of four times, informs Rus.Media.

Share recipes from gastritis. He helped my daughter. Take 150 g of aloe juice, juice of Kalanchoe and juice of plantain. Add 200 grams of honey and sea buckthorn oil. Mix it all together. Separately to insist in 100 g of alcohol, 10 g of propolis. To insist 1 week. Then strain and mix with the prepared juice. Drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Sinusitis cures camphor oil with tincture of propolis. Drip 20 drops of drugstore tincture of propolis in bottle (30 ml) with camphor oil. Insist shaking, 3 days in a warm place. Bury the nose in the morning and evening 2 drops in each nostril.

When the prostate through the day before going to sleep, lying on his right side, insert overnight in the rectum candles with propolis. Only 10-14 procedures.

Recently I read in a newspaper how one person cured from diabetes. Here’s the recipe. Take 100 g of alcohol and 20 g of propolis. Propolis to grind or finely chop. Pour the alcohol and close tightly. Keep in a dark place for 3 days, often shaking. At the bottom of the cookware will remain the dregs. Strain into a clean glass container and drink 16 drops, 3 times a day half an hour before meals. A month to drink and take a break for two weeks. Then continue to drink. Pills to drink too. At first I didn’t believe it. After a month of treatment, blood analysis and could not believe my eyes: blood 10, and was at 6.1. Here and propolis.

Propolis active influence on the course of biological processes in the tissues of the body, has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic action. It activates the process of recovery, which is especially important when atrophic disease of the mucous membrane.

The use of propolis in chronic pharyngitis. Crushed propolis put in a glass of cold water, wax and some other impurities will float and the propolis will sink to the bottom. This precipitate is dried and pour 96 ° alcohol (at the rate of 30 g propolis in 100 g of alcohol), insist during the week, shaking occasionally, then filtered through a paper filter, mix 1 part of propolis extract and two parts of glycerin (or peach oil). From myself I will add: still better to take sea buckthorn oil or olive oil.

In chronic pharyngitis the mucous membrane of the nose, mouth, pre-released from mucus and crusts, smeared with the mixture within 10-15 days once a day. One application spent 2-2. 5 ml of the drug.

The study included 238 patients, of which 187 suffered subatrophy and 51 atrophic form. Among the surveyed was dominated by people aged 33 to 67 years with a disease duration of from 1.5 to 12 years.

As a result of treatment with extract of propolis recovery occurred in 74 percent of patients, a significant improvement from 14, 7% (recovery probably wasn’t there, where were not considered severe atrophic gastritis and their effect on larynx, nasopharynx. – Approx. Ed.). We were able to track long-term results of treatment (from 6 months. up to 3 years) to 175 people. Recovery was observed in 71.1 per cent of the surveyed, a significant improvement from the 16.3 per cent… the Conclusion is obvious: the therapeutic activity of propolis extract significantly more effective than most common medicines for chronic pharyngitis “.

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