Penny pharmacy remedy, which does very well with mites and whiteflies

Discovered one pharmaceutical drug, which is struggling with mites, and whiteflies.

Копійчаний аптечний засіб, який дуже добре справляється з кліщами та білокрилкою

Is benzyl benzoate.

Grandson somewhere caught scabies and was treated emulsion benzilbenzoata. The liquid after treatment remained and I decided that If this drug kills scabies, from currant to cope, informs Rus.Media.

Then did this: spread the emulsion in a proportion of 30 ml per 1 l of water and treated with currants, and the remnants of the sprayed cucumbers (they then were attacked by whiteflies).

And here that is interesting — currant mites did not, on the cucumbers died whiteflies. After a week again sprayed currants and cucumbers. Currants for prevention and re-spraying cucumbers destroyed hatched from the eggs of whiteflies.

Since then, the emulsion I’m always armed.

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