Daughter was shocked when she learned that her mom knows this terrible man. But she did not expect that it will ever happen!

I will never forget!

Дочка була в шоці, коли дізналася, що її мама знає цього страшного чоловіка. Але вона не очікувала, що це коли-небудь станеться!

One day we knocked on the door a homeless guy who looked like a madman, and we were ready to close the door on him, but my mom noticed it and shouted:

“Hey, Eugene!”, she knew his name! Then she ran to the kitchen, he made all sorts of food from the fridge in a container and brought it to him, informs Rus.Media.

After he left, we asked my mother why she gave him so much food. She told us:

“You never know how it will look like Jesus when he appears in front of You.

She always said that is a spiritual question. And you know what happened after some time? Two months later, the same man appeared on the threshold, but glucophageonline and dressed in a suit. And he had an envelope with money for my mother.

“Mrs. rose has always believed in me,” he said.

I will never forget! His name is Eugene. My mom taught me that the best way to help someone is not to fix people, we can’t fix people, and just be with them and help them on their road to recovery. Share this story and inspire others, to help people who need a little push, so they need at some point in their life.

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