5 Golden rules for watering plants in the heat

From the heat plants suffer no less, and perhaps more of us – over beds air conditioning not hang.

5 золотих правил поливу рослин у спеку

Therefore, it is important to drink. Each culture has its own requirements for watering. But there are basic rules relevant to all.

1. Vegetables it is better to water the roots of the heads, or lapping at aisle. Garlic and onions need to be watered more often than other plants (about every two days), because they have surface roots and they are unable to extract moisture from depth, informs Rus.Media.

2. Plants in the open ground to be watered in the evening and in the greenhouse in the first half of the day until the big heat. Very Moody cucumbers. They cannot be poured and dry. If the cucumbers are growing in a greenhouse, you can water them in the morning and in the evening, only a small amount. Underfilling will make the fruits bitter, and overflow can cause decay.

Best of all, if the water is warm: this will help the barrel or just the bucket that will always stand out in the sun. From the icy well water or plants can catch “colds” and languish.

3. To understand, whether you watered the plants or just wet the top layer of one centimeter, copnty shovel or a stick. It is necessary that the ground was soaked, at least centimetres on 5 – 7. By the way, the overflow after a drought adversely affects all roots, without exception. Therefore, the heat need to maintain the beds in full.

4. After each watering must loosen the soil to the surface formed airtight cork.

5. The bushes and trees it is better to water in the evening, and very abundantly. You can do it infrequently, e.g., once a week, but so that even the deepest roots receive water.

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