The following Mercedes-Benz S-Class showcases new optics for video

The German manufacturer is conducting the final stage of development of the flagship sedan of new generation.

Наступний Mercedes-Benz S-Class демонструє нову оптику на відео

Fresh video body Mercedes-Benz S-Class next generation is still hiding camouflage film, but false pads under it became less, and the car partially illuminated the new head optics. Video was made in the road test somewhere on the German roads in rainy weather, informs Rus.Media.

To get an idea about the new design of the flagship yet not allow a massive camouflage hides most of the details, however, you notice one interesting feature – the door handles are highlighted with a special lining is assumed that there are scanners of the palms, although it may, under these overlays are hidden traditional door handles.

In addition, in front of the new S-Class, you notice the open part of the grille, where possible, are sensors for the system of Autonomous control, the same can be said of the insert with the inner side of the windshield at top center.

No technical details of Mercedes-Benz on the new S-Class is not yet open. Most likely, the next generation sedan debuts no earlier than 2020, while the market launch will take place in 2021.

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