6 working ways how to quickly earn money for a car

Where to get money for a car.

6 працюючих способів, як швидко накопичити гроші на машину

How to save up for a car

Many people think that buying a car without installments and credit – the target quite difficult. After all, as not cool, with the average level of wages, the cost of even the cheapest car – the amount is huge. Where to get money for a car?

In fact, in order to accumulate on your own vehicle enough to properly manage finances. The most important is to set a goal, timeline, and optimize costs by learning how to spend so that money was enough for all, informs Rus.Media.

Decide the amount you set aside. Before you think about buying, you need to assess your financial situation, the level of wages, additional income and major expenditures. The sum of all cash flows minus the cost of living – this will be the digit that you will be able to defer.

Select car. The machine recommended to buy based on their financial capacity to the service was you can afford. Navigate in the price will help you a simple principle: your salary for the year and will approximate the cost of cars.

Put terms. It is best to designate a clear date of purchase of the vehicle. To understand how much time is needed for the accumulation, the price of the car divide by the amount you can save each month.

Keep home accounts. Make it a regular habit to record all income and expenses. Then the money will not flow out of “nowhere”. Excellent for this purpose, suitable mobile apps, variations of which are many.

The purchase of the machine. If no rights, then, before purchasing a vehicle, enroll in a driving school (best for 3-4 months, because they do not have time to “erode” the experience and knowledge). It is important to determine the place of purchase (with new interior, used by an acquaintance or from specialized sites).

Little joys. If you do decide to save money and to save for a car, which requires limits and discipline, don’t forget to pamper yourself – a trip to the summer sea, delicious coffee or chocolate, once a month family dinner at the restaurant… Pick something that brings you pleasure. It is important not to lose the taste of life and save wisely!

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