Three sisters: Olga Sumskaya showed tender photo with her daughters

Ukrainian actress posted a family photo to Instagram

Три сестры: Ольга Сумская показала нежное фото с дочерями

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska showed a rare family photo with her two daughters – Antonina Papernaya and Anna Borisyuk. Photo a celebrity posted on his page in Instagram. Apparently, her eldest daughter Antonina is now staying in the family home in Kiev, because together with her husband, Russian actor Vladimir Agrichem and daughter living in Moscow.

“Moï divchata”, – has signed a snapshot of Olga Sumskaya.

Три сестры: Ольга Сумская показала нежное фото с дочерями

Fans of the actress admired the beauty of the girls and expressed your delight in the comments under the photo: “the Fantastic beauty”, “more proof that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world”, “Incredible enchantment”, “Olga, more like three sisters! You are beautiful!” “You like older, younger for father,” “Both their dad like”.

Recall, the eldest daughter Olga Sumy Antonin – from the first marriage of the actress with Evgeny Paperny. Junior Anna is the daughter of Vitaly Borysiuk with which Olga married to this day.

Три сестры: Ольга Сумская показала нежное фото с дочерями

We will remind, recently Olga Sumskaya showed himself a 20-year-old. Famous actress Olha Sumska once again shocked their fans unique pictures. Despite the fact that the schedule is Olga Sumy quite rich and is regularly involved in new projects, but sometimes she’s nostalgic of past roles.

In recent times, the actress publishes the web archival footage with first shots, photos, which poses very young at the beginning of his career. Most of the photos, which are divided Sumska, it looks almost like now. So fans and then are addicted to unfading beauty favorite actress and the fact that time has no power over it.

Три сестры: Ольга Сумская показала нежное фото с дочерями

However, the frame that appeared on the page of Olga in Instagram a few days ago, provoked a storm of discussion among subscribers. In the photo the actress sealed when she was 20 years old and a lot of really recognize her in the photo archive.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Sumy radically changed her image. Thanks to the photos in the personal microblog Olga Sumy fans see every image before a new picture with the actress will be released on wide screens.

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