Five secrets to increasing your yield of tomatoes by 150%

Of course, we all want to harvest every year was becoming more and more.

П&#039ять секретів збільшення врожаю помідорів на 150%

Buy new varieties, which the sellers tell us that the tomatoes will be sweet as honey and the size of a watermelon. In the end, nothing much is growing, but it does not matter that the seller was deceived, and the fact that not everyone knows how to make this year the most fruitful, informs Rus.Media.

Today I will tell you my five steps to success in the difficult work of growing tomatoes.

The first degree is spraying. When our tomatoes start to bloom, take 10 g of boric acid (pre-dissolved them in a glass of hot water), stir with a bucket of water and aprismo. This is our action will help the growth and tying our berries and will increase the number of ovaries.

The next step is to care for the plants root system. The more and stronger the roots, the more nutrients will get tomatoes, so will be a good harvest. Spud I plant twice when you are accepted and will go to growth, and the second time bloom.

The third secret is trimming the leaf to the plant to the maximum of their forces spent on the growth of the fruit. Trim the excess leaves, 3-4 leaves from the bottom weekly starting mid-June. In the summer heat, and the bushes and ventilated, and they are not difficult.

The fourth secret is feeding, but the leaf, as not only the roots need vitamins and oppressive tomatoes in the leaves in trace elements, we can speed up the crop growth. So do not be lazy every 1-2 weeks in the evening to feed them.

Final, the fifth secret – when the tomatoes begin to grow, my joy, and the neighbors are the envy of their fed complex fertilizer: 2-liter cans of wood ash poured a bucket of boiling water, when cool add 10 g of boric acid and 10 ml of iodine, to insist day. Before use must be diluted 1: 10 with water and pour one quart jar of fertilizer every tree.

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