Clash with Sausage became fatal for the milky way

The milky Way in ancient times faced dwarf galaxy “Sausage”

Столкновение с Сосиской стало роковым для Млечного пути

The collision of the galaxy, the alien collapsed, and the shape of the milky Way is likely to have changed. The milky Way galaxy that includes the Solar system, of 8-10 billion years ago collided with a smaller galaxy, which determined the form of the Central clusters and the disk of the milky Way, according to citing a study of data from the Gaia satellite, an international team of astronomers.

“The collision of dwarf galaxy collapsed,” — said study participant Vasily Belokurov, working at Cambridge University. As for the milky Way galaxy, “its form is, presumably, much has changed,” said the expert. In particular, there was a cluster of stars in the center of the milky Way and scattered in the collision of heavenly bodies formed a halo around the galaxy.

Столкновение с Сосиской стало роковым для Млечного пути

Astronomers plan to study the consequences of a collision and, in particular, to investigate the chemical composition of the stars-the aliens who were part of the dwarf galaxy, dubbed the symbol of the Sausage (“Sausage”) because of the presumably elongated shape.

The diameter of the spiral milky Way galaxy is estimated at 100-200 thousand light years, and the number of stars in it — approximately 200-400 billion. The age of the oldest known science of the stars is 13 billion years.

Столкновение с Сосиской стало роковым для Млечного пути

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the mysterious space object scientists sent a big “Hello”. Scientists studying extraterrestrial objects, has discovered a new heavenly body, which is characterized by its “surge”. Canadian astronomers were able to observe the pulsar B1957 + 20 in a high angular resolution, which roughly corresponds to its radius is 10 kilometers. In the discovery of the body helped scientists companion neutron star – a brown dwarf, the plasma which is considered as a gravitational lens during the Eclipse.

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