Cheap and useful: scientists cheered the tea drunks

Scientists have tested several dozen brands of tea bags and came to a resounding conclusion

Дешево и полезно: ученые обрадовали чайных пьяниц

The second place after water, according to frequency of use is tea. The average person each day, drink 3 cups of this beverage.

As it warms up the drink that quenches thirst and refreshes. But as an effective relaxant, calms the nerves and brings a person to a normal state. This writes the portal “Politek”.

Дешево и полезно: ученые обрадовали чайных пьяниц

Noisy gatherings rarely need tea. This drink is part of our daily lives that it is difficult to imagine how anyone could survive without him. Tea has many essential body substances, for which he received the name of the most useful beverage for human health.

For a long time it was believed that consumption of tea will inevitably lead to bad teeth. A new study has shown how traditional drink, in fact, helps to strengthen the teeth. Inexpensive brands are the most useful.

Scientists have tested several dozen brands of tea bags and came to stunning conclusions: consumption of 4 cups a day provide people with the recommended daily amount of fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth loss substances.

Cheap brands and decaf versions contain the greatest amount of fluoride that is absorbed from the soil where it is grown.

One Cup of black tea with a capacity of 240 ml provides an average of 1.18 mg of fluoride. The fluoride content in other types of tea, including green, is a lower — 0,72 mg.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” as it turned out, for a normal erection need just plain water. To do this, it should be consumed in sufficient quantities. As scientists believe, it is the lack of water in the body leads to negative consequences. First of all, dehydration effect on human cognitive abilities, at least negatively suffering erectile function.

So, scientists are asked to pay attention to for a normal erection needs blood flow that occurs only in the presence of the necessary amount of water in the body. In addition, when water shortage affected the human psyche manifests itself in anxiety, which, in turn, leads to harmful effects on erection. Subsequently, this can lead to deep depression.

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