Woman using teleportation and a half years returned to family

Indonesia that went missing on the beach Sukabumi, looking for all the.

Жінка з допомогою «телепортації» через півтора року повернулася до сім&#039ї

Family went on an identification, in the hope just to know exactly what happened to her, but nothing belonged to mining. And the sudden emergence gives plenty of reasons to believe in “extraterrestrial”, informs Rus.Media.

52-year-old nining Sunarsih went to the beach, and then returned to the family and its never seen again. When people are desperate, she was found dead even without a body. But just remember what she was wearing then: a floral yellow dress with black pants, and hopefully waited for her appearance.

Recently a woman was discovered in the place where mysteriously disappeared a year and a half. It was all jammed in the sand, but after a medical examination no abrasions, bruises, signs of drowning, even exhaustion no. As doctors and relatives a very intriguing question: “How, then, she was there, where he disappeared? Why her body then, without any traces of a long stay in the water or somewhere else?”.

There is speculation that the body nining returned via teleportation or aliens stole it and returned a year and a half.

The woman wasn’t talking. Most often it is unconscious, and if he comes to, he says. However, everything hears and responds with movements. Everyone is waiting for when she will be able to recover and tell you what had happened.

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