Ukraine keeps a record pace of soybean oil

Production volumes increased by 27%.

Україна зберігає рекордні темпи виробництва соєвої олії

The pace of processing of soybeans in Ukraine, despite the decline in the last two months, remains at a high level. Since the beginning of the 2017/18 season (September-may) production of soybean oil is also kept at a record level and is 156,7 thousand tons, an increase compared to the previous year by 26.8%.

Meanwhile, in may 2018 soybean oil production large and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine amounted to 18.1 thousand tons, which is 8.6% less compared to the previous month, however, by 27.5% more compared to may 2017. The production of soybean oil in may of the current season, a record monthly indicator, informs Rus.Media.

In April 2018 soybean oil production large and medium enterprises of Ukraine amounted to 19.8 thousand tons, which is 5.3% lower compared to last month, with 40.4% increase compared to April 2017.

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