Kids joke: the poor, the court prescribed a lobotomy for an intimate dance

The villagers disabled already collected several hundred signatures in his defense

Детишки пошутили: бедняге суд прописал лоботомию за интимный танец

In the Tomsk region in the village Kaftanchikovo local residents came to the defense of the convicted Alexander Kokoczka. The so-called Sasha is accused of pedophilia.

It is known that in the protection of the disabled has already collected several hundred signatures. However harsh the verdict remains in force, Sasha needs to undergo treatment, which is very afraid. The story writing in the Russian media.

Детишки пошутили: бедняге суд прописал лоботомию за интимный танец

It all started with the fact that the local pre-school decided to make fun of a fool and forced him to remove his pants. The mother of one of the girls saw what was happening and had called the police after Alexander was arrested. As a result, the disabled person who spent his whole life next to mom, was in jail. There he stayed eight days.

Детишки пошутили: бедняге суд прописал лоботомию за интимный танец

“Say, for such articles are doing something in jail with nasty people, and then the cons or whatever they are called, untried, sympathized with him and even fed. Because he’s from the stress didn’t eat anything,” – said Sergey Kokoczka, brother of Alexander.

Interestingly, at the time of the choice of measure of business lost certificate of disability Alexander. According to his brother and guardian of Sergey, the judge declared a healthy man, and on that basis sent him to jail. Later Sasha still recognize an imbecile, but the investigators insisted — he was fully aware of his actions and took the initiative “deliberately to satisfy his sexual needs.” The prosecution relies on the testimony of children who, according to the lawyer Alexander was modified by the investigators, and checking their impossible — the video of the interrogation was not conducted.

“Proved only that a child of four during the interrogation did not open his mouth, and there was almost sheet his coherent speech with older revs”, – said the lawyer of Yulia Kopeikin.

Six months later, doctors will decide whether to let Alexander home or prison should be extended. And given that the man is incurable, it is easy to assume, what will be the decision of doctors.

This severe situation can be the result of revenge one of the residents of the village Kaftanchikovo. A few years ago her son was convicted of attempted rape of Alexander — the disabled person was rescued by local residents. The mother of the perpetrator commented on the trial of Sasha: “I did what I wanted”.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” in social networks posted a photo of the offender who is reasonably suspected of raping a 10-year-old child.

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