Area of death: scientists are sounding the alarm because of a major disaster

Every day the scale of the disaster spread to larger and larger areas

Зона смерти: ученые бьют тревогу из-за масштабной катастрофы

Scientists from Finland and Germany massively are sounding the alarm because of the possibility of large-scale environmental disasters in the Baltic sea.

It is reported Biogeoscience.

They note that there was a very large area where there is no oxygen, so essential to all living beings.

Moreover, according to them, the total area of dead zones has reached 70 thousand square kilometers.

In particular, scientists are studying two four-meter sediment core extracted from the bottom of the archipelago sea part of the Baltic water area between the Bothnian and Finnish bays, found that over the past hundred years the rate of loss of oxygen to the Baltic sea has increased significantly.

Moreover it is now known that these areas are completely left almost all the representatives of the marine fauna that lived in these areas, in particular the mollusks with the annelids.

The main reason for such disastrous consequences in the sea is the discharge of domestic, industrial and agricultural hazardous substances contained in waste continue to fall in they sea.

It should be noted that in these substances contains large amounts of substances, in particular nitrogen and phosphorus, which contribute to the rapid growth of algae.

When the algae die, they sink to the bottom, where they are processed bacteria, actively wasting oxygen. The sea gradually losing it.

However, scientists have proposed, and his solution to this problem. So, they propose to significantly reduce emissions of hazardous substances to the sea. While it is now known that the restoration of some areas can go decades, as the algae multiply at the expense of nitrogen from the atmosphere.

However, it should be noted that previously, scientists at the Open University and Sheffield University in the UK reported that even compliance with the Paris transaction does not guarantee that we will be able to avoid serious threats looming over the planet.

Зона смерти: ученые бьют тревогу из-за масштабной катастрофы

In the material, in particular, it is noted that some experts have questioned the feasibility of efforts to curb rising temperatures, given that the Earth has already warmed one degree, and that warming remains the ocean. However, other scientists believe that reduced levels of emissions of greenhouse gases can prevent the temperature rise.

The researchers developed a climate model that takes into account the interaction of the ocean and atmosphere, carbon cycle, and the number of carbon dioxide emissions, and assessed the likelihood of achieving the Paris agreement, and identified its impact on the biosphere.

So it became clear that limiting the growth temperature to achieve technically, even without excessive restrictions in greenhouse gas emissions with 50% probability. However, in this case associated climate changes can be unpredictable for some areas of the Earth, where it may increase the frequency of weather disasters.

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