5 mistakes in hair care

Usually hair is the first thing that catches the eye when we evaluate the character of the man.

5 помилок у догляді за волоссям

Usually hair is the first thing that catches the eye when we evaluate the character of the man. Luxury hair and beautiful hairstyle is a great way to emphasize the attractiveness and strengthen your confidence. Not only braid, but just loose short hair, if it’s lush, lightweight, soft and silky – the best adornment for a woman. But not everyone is able to achieve the desired result, even if we are not too lazy to care for your hair. All because we often make silly mistakes, to avoid which will help our advice, informs Rus.Media.

1. Properly brush your hair

5 помилок у догляді за волоссям

Wet hair is weaker and it is easily damaged. You need to take liquid comb and start combing from the ends, gradually moving higher to the top. So tangled hair combed neatly, not stretched down and out. Dry hair should be brushed from the ends, gradually moving upwards. Do not use brushes and combs with broken teeth can damage the scalp.

2. Often do not use hot tools for hair

Hairdryers and irons for alignment, which laid out the hairstyle spoils the hair. A Hairdryer you need to use not earlier than a hair will be almost dry. Then, even if you include hair dryer on the greatest capacity, the hair less time will be under a stream of hot air. Use straighteners with ceramic surface. It does less damage.

3. Use extra care

You can’t abandon funds on hair care products based on herbs, essential oils, lotions, as various impacts on hair (perming, drying hair dryer, straightening, styling) violate their structure. You must handle your hair special remedy.

4. Consider the type of hair

You must use a shampoo and conditioner designed especially for your hair type. Give preference to drugs with plant extracts and vitamin complexes. Hard water for washing the hair affects your hair. Using the air conditioner (the conditioner) can solve this problem. It gives the hair a silky softness and elasticity. Use shampoo and conditioner of the same brand, as they are similar in composition, and the effect of the application doubled.

5. Do not go without headgear

The cold frosty air is bad for the hair. And in the summer it should be protected from drying out and burning in the sun (especially if the hair is painted). Must wear a bathing cap in the swimming pool with chlorinated water.

5 помилок у догляді за волоссям

Surprisingly, the state of our hair directly affects overall health and self-esteem. If the hair looks bad, we become helpless, shy, less sociable. Care for your hair correct and your hair will become a source of pride, not concern.

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