“Third force” hit the militants in the Donbas. Video ” the Chronicle of world events

«Третья сила» ударила по боевикам на Донбассе. Видео » Хроника мировых событий

Liquidated by the Russian commanders of battalions.

Ukrainian volunteers from the Fund “come Back alive” showed video on which it is recorded, as in the Donbas, “the third force” (so call themselves fighters of one of divisions) eliminated a number of military vehicles of Pro-Russian militants.

This was reported on Facebook page of the Foundation “come Back alive”, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to 24tv.ua.

“The result of their work is stunning – eliminated Russian battalion commanders, about which we recently wrote. And destroyed 5 BMP, 2 APCS, one Ural with a SUV and a white “Zhiguli”, in which rode one of the best spotters of terrorists with a call sign “Bear”. In the video you can see him with the car flew into the bushes,” – said in the message of the volunteers.

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