“LDNR” said if they have problems with water supply. Video

В «ЛДНР» рассказали, есть ли у них проблемы с водоснабжением. Видео

The inhabitants of the occupied Lugansk water supply sometimes non-existent.

Correspondent Radio Liberty asked the inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk and Lugansk whether they have problems with water supply. As transfers the Internet edition of the Chronicle.info, the corresponding video Friday, July 6, publishes the 112 Ukraine.

So, in Donetsk, one of the respondents stated that living in rural areas, where it has its own well. Therefore problems with water supply it is not confronted.

Another woman noted that in the Kirov district of the problems with water supply no.

Also, according to another member of the survey, problems with no water supply in the Petrovsky area.

At the same time in Lugansk, the Respondent noted that at her apartment on the second floor, water supply problems arise from 5:00 to 9:00 am. She added that on the 4th floor water supply is sometimes absent.

A local resident said that the water is not very good, so he buys water in bottles.

Another resident said that she had no water from morning to evening. For this reason, it is gaining a reserve water barrel and two tank three buckets each.

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