Scare better: NATO did not appreciate the attempts of the trump

Members of the Alliance responded to the letter of the American leader

Пугай лучше: в НАТО не оценили потуги Трампа

Supporters of the United States in the North Atlantic Alliance responded to the criticism of Donald trump, who in his letter expressed dissatisfaction with regards to the military expenditures of NATO countries.

Edition of Time writes that the White house wrote a pretty sharp letter to the heads of several countries-members of the Alliance just before the summit, to be held in Brussels on 11-12 July. The US President has rebuked the members of NATO, those that spend too little on defense. Trump warned that non-compliance with obligations in the framework of the Alliance of patience.

Пугай лучше: в НАТО не оценили потуги Трампа

After the East Ukrainian armed conflict broke out, NATO summit in Wales in 2014 have agreed to increase military spending to 2% of GDP over the next decade.

In a letter to the Agency The Associated Press the head of the Ministry of defence of Norway Frank Bakke-Jensen said that “Norway follows established at the NATO summit in 2014 goals and will adhere to it in future”. He says that Norway allocates much more for the purchase of military equipment, than previously agreed in NATO, and more precisely 27% of the defence budget for the purchase of US planes in particular. The country also plans to increase this amount to 33% within a few years.

In a letter to the head of the Norwegian government Erna Solberg, the head of the White house wrote that Norway was “the only ally in NATO, which borders with the Russian Federation and does not have a clear plan for the allocation of 2% of GDP on defense.”

Пугай лучше: в НАТО не оценили потуги Трампа

In a similar letter to Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel the American leader declared that “it becomes increasingly difficult to explain to the American people why some countries do not want to fulfill joint obligations.”

The Prime Minister believes the letter “typical” situation for a few days before the summit.

“I’m not intimidated by this letter” – he said, assuring that Belgium fully meets its obligations to NATO.

The representative of the Minister of defense of Canada rené Pietro said that Canada adheres to the plan to increase defense spending. Moreover, according to her, Canada is going to increase military spending by 70%.

Пугай лучше: в НАТО не оценили потуги Трампа

We will remind, earlier the information portal “Znayu” wrote that the United States will join the Ukrainian Navy naval forces with new weapons. The Kremlin has already reacted.

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