Sisters hairdressers from Germany show the revolutionary technique of cutting hair

In their salon and no end of clients!

Сестри-перукарі з Німеччини показують революційну техніку стрижки волосся

We are all in the best of their ability try to look beautiful and attractive. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one day off to go to the beloved master for a manicure, and then another to run up on the eyebrows, informs Rus.Media.

Beauty, as we know, requires sacrifice, both material and personal time. However, it is not necessary to save themselves, real men will appreciate your attempts at dignity, and girlfriends good-naturedly envy.

The other day I had a hankering to straighten the hair. Before you run to your hairdresser, I decided to delve into the Internet to learn new things invented in the field of witchcraft over the hair. Turning unremarkable channels with the usual haircuts and hairstyles, I stumbled upon this miracle.

The channel in the Instagram these twin sisters from Germany to say that much popular, but it has its audience. In fact, the true connoisseurs of beauty, not so much. Most are willing to follow the fashion trends that are imposed on favorite stars, but we don’t.

Down with boring haircuts in our beauty salons! These women invented a new method of trimming the ends, which works flawlessly.

For a start, they lightly rinse the hair with water client. Dry them can not be cut, because they will crumble down. Wet the tips are easy to spin as turrets, then they are easy to handle neat and precise hand movements.

Dividing the hair into four zones, stylist does ponytails with rubber bands. Do not hurry to laugh! Looks strange, but really it’s just wonderful.

Then the woman carefully trims the hair on each ponytail. This method allows not to be mistaken, leaving the same number of hairs on each zone.

Then there is the equation that completes the basic process of cutting.

I think that it would be complete nonsense? As it is not so! Is the Barber to remove the clip, you will see that haircut looks great.

These amazing German women do not stop there. They are constantly practicing, honing their skills to delight clients of flawless performance.

Sometimes the hair is divided not into four, into five zones. Sometimes more. It all depends on the hair density and the direction of their growth.

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