2018 world Cup: schedule the playoffs take place on 2-3 July

In the next penedo-Tuesday will determine two more pairs quarter finalists of the Russian championship.

ЧС - 2018: розклад матчів плей-офф 2-3 липня

In the next penedo-Tuesday will determine two more pairs of Russian quarterfinalists of the world Cup, reports Rus.Media.

Monday, July 2, will play each other in the match of 1/8 final of the Russian world Cup:17.00 (“Samara arena”) Brazil – Mexico

In the group stage, the Brazilians took the first place in group E, where they played teams from Switzerland, Serbia and Costa Rica. The Mexicans also took second place in group F with the teams of Sweden, Germany and South Korea. In the last match before the playoffs, in the third round is much better played “five-time world Champions”. The Brazilians won the confidence of Serbia (2:0), but the Mexicans had a strong “bream” from the Swedes and “swallowed” three goals. According to experts, during the match of 1/8 finals surely will dominate Brazil, while the Mexicans will use his favorite style of play with counter-attacks.

21.00 (Rostov-on-don) Belgium – JapanDuring the group stage, the Belgians took first place in group G, where he played against England, Tunisia and Panama. The Japanese took the second place in group H with Colombia, Senegal and Poland, and Africans “samurai” spared only due to less number of yellow cards. In the third round of Belgium with a minimum score beat England, but Japan is just as well, minimum lost to the poles.

On Tuesday, July 3,

17.00 (Saint Petersburg) Sweden Switzerland“the Scandinavians” in the group stage confidently took the first place in group F, except where they also played Mexico, Germany and South Korea. The players of the national team “hours, cheese and chocolate” finished in second place in group E – with the Brazilians, Serbs, and costaria. In the third round is much luckier played “yellow and blue”, which defeated the Mexicans with the score 3:0. The Swiss, in turn, failed to beat Costa Rica — 2:2. According to experts, in the Tuesday match, the initiative will belong to the Swiss, while the Swedes will probably play defensively and counterattack. Therefore, the match could easily result in over-time or even penalties.

21.00 (Moscow stadium “Open arena”), Columbia – England

The Colombians took the first place in group H, where they played against Japan, Senegal and Poland, and the “founders of football” took the second place in group G, with Belgium, Tunisia and Panama. In the third round successfully played Columbia, which minimally defeated Senegal, but the British minimum lost to the Belgians.

According to experts, in the Tuesday match will be a lot more attacking Colombians. However, their coach Jose Pekerman is known for his caution, and definitely won’t drive his players on the rampage, because the price of each error in this game is extremely high. Don’t want to “shove with a bare heel on the sword” and the British. However, the bet wards Gareth Southgate is likely to make riding cross into the penalty area, and power football.

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