Pensions, the development of medical reform and the rejection cents: what will happen to the Ukrainians in July

From July 1 in Ukraine enters into force on healthcare reform, the checks will be rounded up amount will increase the minimum pension to certain categories of citizens.

Пенсії, розвиток медреформи і відмова від копійок: що чекає українців в липні

Since the beginning of July the Ukrainians will be treated in new ways, the national Bank will cease to issue coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5 and 25 cents, and the capital is expected to increase in the cost of public transport, informs Rus.Media.

Pensions and the subsistence minimum

July 1, Ukrainians can expect the increasing cost of living, and also the first of two planned this year increases the pension.

According to the state budget, the minimum wage will increase from 1700 to 1777 hryvnia.

The minimum pension will grow from 1373 to 1435 UAH.

Important: we are talking about pensions for individuals who do not have the required level of insurance (for men and 35 years for women 30 years; for those who retired before October 1, 2011 – 25 and 20 years respectively)

The maximum pension at 10 subsistence minimums for persons who have lost work capacity, increased from 13 to 14 730 UAH 350 UAH.

Premium donors will be recalculated on the basis of the subsistence level per person, at 10%.


From July 1 of 149 primary health facilities in 22 regions of Ukraine “will start to work by new rules”.

According to the VA. health Minister Uliana Suprun, we are talking about “institutions of the first wave” – those of cities, districts and communities that are well prepared for the change.”

“For the first time have family doctors, internists and pediatricians have a clear list of services they provide and the state will pay for these services according to the tariffs and the corrective rate,” said Suprun.

Contracts between agencies and NCSU signed until June 5. Since July they will receive funding under the new scheme.

“On the 149 institutions with which today signed contracts for the second half of the year will allocate about 1,5 billion hryvnias. Other health institutions, as before, will in future be funded through the mechanism of subsidy,” – explained Vladimir. Minister.

“Reform of the petty cash”

In connection with the forthcoming termination of minting coins of 1, 2, 5 and 25 cents national Bank from July 1 to implement a system of rounding off amounts in checks to cash payments.

Пенсії, розвиток медреформи і відмова від копійок: що чекає українців в липні

Rules will work in the absence of coins from the buyer and the seller.

– If the amount ends in 1-4 penny, it is rounded downward to the nearest amount that ends in 0 cents.

– If the amount ends in 5 to 9 cents, it is rounded upwards to the nearest amount that ends in 0 cents.

The Rates Of “Ukrpochta”

From July 1, “Ukrposhta” will take and deliver periodicals by subscription for new rates.

The tariff increase is planned in two stages. During the first (1 July-31 December 2018) they will increase on average by 24.7%.

The second is scheduled for January 1, 2019 (the plan of increase – on average by 19.2%).

The new tariffs have already been criticized by the National Union of journalists of Ukraine.

“We are asking the government to audit the calculations, as well as to introduce from 1 July 2018, the moratorium on increase of tariffs for delivery of periodicals, yet sound strategies of development services. In connection with the current press balancing on the brink of survival, the government needs to do”, – said the Chairman of NSZHU Sergey Tomilenko.

The rise in price of travel in Kiev

In Kiev 14 July, the cost of public transport will rise to 8 UAH. For passengers who travel constantly, one trip will cost 6,3 UAH. 8 UAH will pay passengers who can travel sometimes, or guests of the capital.

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