“Free love”: the scientists hit bedrock Church dogma

Scientists have proven that a person can be absolutely happy not only in a monogamous relationship

"Свободная любовь": ученые ударили по закостенелым церковным догмам

The relationship is considered “wrong” and a priori unhappy if in the presence of a permanent partner, male or female have relationships of an intimate nature with someone else. However, some like the concept of “open” relationship, and it makes their life absolutely happy.

Society continues to blame and negative, with condemnation refers to couples who openly say that in their family “open” relationship. In the UK up to 48% of people are interested in such a relationship. In the United States openly declare their polygamous about 7% of the population.

People with a conservative mindset believe that a relationship in which the partners by mutual agreement do not limit yourself to only one partner may not be happy. However, recent research refutes this theory.

"Свободная любовь": ученые ударили по закостенелым церковным догмам

Monogamous and polygamous partners are similar in their reactions as long as interested in her lover. They are happy in such a relationship, willing to try for each other and strive to spend time together. And monogamy or polygamy is not to blame.

Experts claim that the original relationship should be built on the basis of trust and openness. In the case that it is necessary to tell directly about their position on “open” relationship and learn how to treat a partner. Polygamist as a phenomenon becomes a cause of separation. All about mistrust, lies and innuendo.

As reported by the portal “Know. ua” women, as they say, from Venus and men from Mars. But, sometimes we forget that in fact our bodies differ dramatically. We offer you to look at the male and the female body in an unusual way: the facts, which few people know or just not paying attention. Reports Clutch.


Men’s skin ages slower than women’s. But given how much time women spend on self-care, in fact it is quite the opposite.


Is actually male the immune system weaker for women.


The more testosterone in the blood, the greater the level of aggression in men. If the reverse side: aggressive actions to man, increase the testosterone level in his blood.

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