The spaceship of aliens examined on archival photographs from the moon

Ufologists believe that this huge object was left by the aliens

Звездолет инопланетян рассмотрели на архивных снимках с Луны

On one of the lunar images obtained by the Americans 46 years ago, during the mission “Apollo-16”, a tireless online-researchers – UFO – found a large deshabrati object bright white, that hovers above the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth. The photo was shot by NASA astronauts in the lunar crater area of Gilbert, 114-km altitude.
Ufologists discovered a find on the official website space Agency NASA, think we are talking about the spaceship aliens.

Of course, not all Network users believe in flying saucers, little green men on the moon, but even die-hard skeptics admit that the mysterious object is clearly hovering over Selena, throwing her shadow. It may not be the aircraft of aliens, but then what? Giant hovering over the lunar surface stone? Or fancy an optical illusion? Anyway, this is a very interesting anomaly that deserves further study.

It is noteworthy that the new Zealand ufologist Scott Waring has recently put forward a very interesting hypothesis about aliens on the moon. The researcher assumes that the satellite of the Earth abundantly inhabited by an extraterrestrial intelligence (base of aliens or even huge spaceship, once delivered to the Earth for certain purposes), but the aliens surrounded Selena holographic field, which makes it visually deserted for us.

Waring also believes that the Americans never went to the moon, because otherwise they would see what is happening there and shot it all on film, if they would, of course, allowed to do this aliens. But most likely, they would not have allowed the man to even come close to the moon, says ufologist.

Звездолет инопланетян рассмотрели на архивных снимках с Луны

By the way, recent findings from the virtual archaeologists argue that not only the Moon but also, for example, the satellite of Pluto, Triton is also an artificial entity, a man-made creation. That is, he was taken to Pluto from somewhere in deep space. But for what purpose – is another question. Therefore, today’s finding in the picture of the moon – not so rare, because for the last time by independent researchers virtually proved man-made moon.

Don’t want to believe that only the official science.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” one of the main “UFO hunters” Scott Waring said that the aliens 20 years working on the Ground in the underground and cooperate with the British military. Ufologist claims that hidden underground base was specially designed to hide the fact of contact with UFOs.

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