Stumped: Erdogan will pay for his friendship with Putin

The direction in which to continue to negotiate, the community does not yet have representation

В тупике: Эрдоган поплатится за дружбу с Путиным

After Turkey decided to deviate from the policy priority of human rights and the rule of law as such, negotiations on accession to the European Union just went into a blind corner.

On Tuesday, June 26, said in Luxembourg at the final meeting of the EU Council.

Representatives of the European community are concerned that Ankara decided to deviate from the rule of law and basic human rights. Once again the Council of Europe condemned the coup attempt in Turkey in 2016, exactly like the response of the state. The policy also recalled the need to comply with international standards if the country still wants to become a member of the community.

В тупике: Эрдоган поплатится за дружбу с Путиным

Yet in the European Union do not see how you can justify the decrease in the level of independence of the Turkish judicial system, than to explain the arrest and imprisonment of civil servants, politicians and media representatives, as well as EU citizens.

“Turkey is increasingly moving away from the European Union. Therefore, the accession negotiations of Turkey has effectively stalled”, – said in a statement.

The Council stressed that in the context of negotiations for further opening or closing sections is impossible, and the work on the modernization of the Customs Union on EU-Turkey relations is not provided.

В тупике: Эрдоган поплатится за дружбу с Путиным

However, the representatives of the Council stressed that Turkey plays the role of “key partner” of the European Union, so we can not say again how important it is that the agreement on refugees continued to operate. Brussels has declared its readiness to support “honest and open dialogue” with Ankara.

We will remind, earlier the information portal “Znayu” I wrote that President Recep Rejep Erdogan won the election and sat in the armchair of the head of state. This time the politician to maximize his powers, few world leaders can boast the same.

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