Pole-monster, who threw to die Ukrainka, will be strictly punished

The woman worked in his firm and got a stroke

Поляка-изверга, бросившего умирать украинку, строго накажут

District Prosecutor’s office in the Polish city of Wielkopolska Sroda filed a case against a local businessman who has not provided emergency assistance to the Ukrainian. The woman worked in his firm and got a stroke.

About it write local mass-media.

The entrepreneur filed nine charges, he faces up to three years of imprisonment. One of the charges concerns the fact that the employer is not registered in the social insurance system in Poland eight people who had Polish citizenship. They were all Ukrainians.

Поляка-изверга, бросившего умирать украинку, строго накажут

Second, is that the businessman “didn’t provide immediate medical care, and moving damaged he put her in immediate danger of loss of life or grievous bodily harm”.

In early January, Oksana had bleeding in the brain. The Polish employer Ukrainka, not wanting to pay for her treatment and to avoid liability to labor inspection, decided to hide the fact that she worked for him.

After a woman has had a stroke, the employer took her by car to a neighboring town and left paralyzed at a bus stop by police allegedly in a drunken person.

Previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the Ukrainian workers in Russia are increasingly becoming victims of human trafficking. Their deceit and threats involved in narcotic business, resulting in hundreds of people instead of the promised high earnings received a prison sentence in Russia.

The human rights activist Evgeny Chukarev revealed the details of the criminal scheme in the air ObozTV.

According to Chekareva, Ukrainians deception lure to Moscow, where they don’t last very long.

Поляка-изверга, бросившего умирать украинку, строго накажут

“Since 2013 there is a very serious problem with participation in the drug trafficking of our citizens. The scheme is this: the citizens of Ukraine, and possibly the Russian Federation, are recruited here to our people. They say – there is a very high-paying job in Russia. A man decides to go give him a ticket, as a rule, in Moscow. After Moscow give the ticket or the money to travel to some other city,” said Sekarev.

Поляка-изверга, бросившего умирать украинку, строго накажут

As the human rights activist says after the arrival, the guest-worker rents a flat and gets the first task – “to take somewhere some package”. After a few days people understand that transporting drugs, but often too late.

Sekarev said that at least 250 people were convicted in Russia for trafficking in narcotic substances.

“But in fact it is the trade people,” he said.

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