The elixir of happiness drink it for the feeling of euphoria

Spanish scientists decided to conduct not only healthy, but delicious experiment

Эликсир счастья: пейте его для ощущения эйфории

Spanish researchers decided to find out what kind of drink makes women most happy. During a large-scale experiment with many participants they were able to determine that the maximum level of pleasure women receive is not from sugary drinks as they first thought. The leader was a white wine.

Study Spanish scientists identified that a glass of light fruity or floral white wine is able to give the woman a feeling of happiness. Conclusions were made based on the experiment involving two hundred respondents.

Эликсир счастья: пейте его для ощущения эйфории

Researchers from Madrid Polytechnic University conducted an experiment and asked 200 people to taste six white, red and rosé wines. At the same time women are told what feelings they cause drinks.

Women gave the highest positive reaction, increased sense of joy and happiness after drinking white wines. The study showed. That fruity and floral white wines enhance the joy and happiness, but red wine can cause aggression and guilt.

Эликсир счастья: пейте его для ощущения эйфории

The scientists also found during the experiment, the age differences for motivation to drink alcoholic beverages. Young people often drink to forget, but older people use alcohol to remember the past.

As previously reported portal “Know. ua” Japanese researchers have developed the technology of making alcoholic beverages from fermented wood, particularly cypress, birch, cherry or cedar. It is reported by the Japanese information Agency Kyodo.

Employees of the Tokyo Institute of forest and forest products hope that soon their product will be presented on the world market.

Scientists already knew the formula to produce bioethanol from recycled wood, but it was used only as fuel. Unfit for consumption, the liquid became after the use of sulfuric acid.

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