In Moscow found an exotic snake

Found in a Moscow apartment the snake was non-poisonous.

У Москві знайдена екзотична змія

In Moscow, found an exotic snake – corn, the press service of the Moscow Department of nature management, informs Rus.Media Russia.

The snake was found in a bathtub in an apartment on the Volgograd prospectus. The emergency services in the Moscow apartment caught a white snake, which turned out to be non-poisonous albino. I handed it in to the center keeping of wild animals.

The press service added that this snake, and it is not dangerous for people. The snake is non-venomous. Is an exotic species, reptile length is 50 centimeters. According to the Agency, as discovered in the apartment of skid is currently satisfactory.


A white snake or a snake-albino (corn snake) has the characteristic color of white color and red eyes. Length is 50 inches. This non-poisonous snake, like a snake. Is a rare and exotic species. Most active at night and in the early hours of dawn, leads napavine lifestyle. Day in shelters. It climbs trees and shrubs.

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