Erdogan won the election and became invincible: details

A politician again will sit in the presidential chair for the next five years

Эрдоган выиграл выборы и стал непобедимым: подробности

The infamous Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, different from other politicians of the Pro-Russian orientation, once again won the presidential election and took the presidential chair for the next 5 years.

The President of the Supreme electoral Commission of Turkey Garden güven said that the President “won an absolute majority of all valid votes.”

Эрдоган выиграл выборы и стал непобедимым: подробности

State media reported that Erdogan in his voice gave 53% of voters on the results of counting 99% of the votes, while his closest rival Muharram inje scored just 31%.

The main competitor of the result, not officially acknowledged, but said that he will continue the democratic struggle, “regardless of the result.” Previously, he questioned the data that was broadcast announced the state TV channels and radio stations. The final results will be announced this Friday.

New powers

Immediately after the election on 24 June in Turkey will enter into force on the radical reform of government, which was supported by a margin of three percent in a referendum on 16 April 2017. Thanks to her, the Turkish Republic with a parliamentary turn into a “super-presidential”.

Эрдоган выиграл выборы и стал непобедимым: подробности

The incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – the initiator of this reform. He plans to get re-elected and become the head of the Executive and the legislature.

  • It will be virtually unaccountable to Parliament and will be able to stay in power for another fifteen years.
  • The President will be the chief Executive. The Prime Minister, who must be approved by Parliament, will be no more.
  • The President can issue decrees without the approval of Parliament. It will also appoint one or more Vice-presidents, and members of the government.

Increases the duration of the Board. Formally, in the Constitution there is a limit: two terms of five years.

But the Turkish and foreign experts say that there is a way to bypass this rule. Under the new Constitution, elections for President and Parliament should be held simultaneously. That is, if the President decides to retire early or prematurely samoraspustitsya Parliament – re-elected the President and deputies.

If the Parliament decides to hold early elections before the end of the second term of President, the President can run for a third term (but of resignation must state Parliament).

Despite the state of emergency, which was imposed after the attempted coup in July 2016, and repression against thousands of opponents of President Erdogan, and strong opposition, Turkey is far from authoritarian countries where democratic institutions are only “decorations”.

But the powers in the new Constitution to a certain extent limited by the Parliament. Will the deputies to use these powers depends on whom you choose.

Was the election free and fair?

At the polling stations were strengthened security measures. On the eve of voting there were allegations of possible intimidation and election fraud. The electoral Commission of Turkey has already stated that it will investigate possible violations in the province of Urfa on the southern border with Syria.

Эрдоган выиграл выборы и стал непобедимым: подробности

Voter turnout was high – nearly 87%, reported the state broadcaster.

Mr. inje said he will spend the night in the headquarters of the electoral Commission in Ankara to ensure a fair count. On Twitter he asked the election observers to leave the polling stations.

Muharram inje warned about how misleading the results. Human rights activists said that the press are not free to give the floor to all parties.

We will remind, earlier the information portal “Znayu” I wrote about how early the election is over in Turkey shooting.

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