Bankruptcy and family’s being a drama: johnny Depp told about his misfortune

Johnny Depp in a very grueling interview told the whole truth about his personal life

Банкротство и семейные драммы: Джонни Депп рассказал, о своем несчастии

Famous American actor johnny Depp blew his multi-million dollar fortune and quarreling with my family.

This was reported in the article of Rolling Stone magazine.

The journalist Stephen Rodrick spent with an artist interview, which lasted for 72 hours. According to estimates Rolling Stone, during his career, Depp earned $ 650 million, and films with his participation in total collected $ 3.5 billion. Now the condition of the actor is almost nothing left.

Currently under litigation with the company The Management Group, which was responsible for the finances of the actor. In particular, the lawsuit Depp says TMG without his knowledge transferred to his sister Christie (she heads Depp’s production company Infinitum Nihil and was involved in the financial transactions of the actor) seven million dollars, and former assistant 750 thousand. In addition, he allegedly was not aware that it is not paid on time more than five and a half million in taxes.

The Depp are seen on the personal front. He worked very hard divorce with his ex-wife actress amber heard, who accused him of domestic violence – both psychological and physical.

In a career also has its own difficulties. In Hollywood they say that Depp is not able to remember the words in the script, and his assistant tells them the actor in the earpiece.

Depp himself says that he signed important papers without looking – and blames the collapse of not only the former managers, but also the family.

Банкротство и семейные драммы: Джонни Депп рассказал, о своем несчастии

Depp’s mother was a powerful woman, who worked as a waitress in two shifts; at home she could run to the son with an ashtray and a regular beat. The actor admitted that at her funeral in 2016, said: “My mother was perhaps the cruelest creature I’ve ever met in my life.”

Roderick said the actor during an interview looked lonely: went in the morning, get up after lunch for all three days of the interview never came out of the house. It was surrounded by only people who pay it: a cook, a lawyer and security guards.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” johnny Depp was first told about heavy divorce with amber heard and experienced the frustration after a breakup. In a candid interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he admitted that the pain was just unbearable.

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