Gogol spinning in their graves: Mel Gibson will star in the franchise “Wii”

The third part will be released in 2020

Гоголь перевернется в гробу: Мэл Гибсон снимется в франшизе "Вий"

As it became known, the output of the triquel of the film “Viy” 2014 “Journey to India. On the threshold of immortality” is scheduled for 2020. It is expected that the film will star Mel Gibson, said on Friday, TASS reported the project’s producer Alexei Petrukhin.

“We are working. <…> We are part of the already filmed material of the filming will be at the end of the year and in winter – part in India, some in China. I think in 2020 it will still output the third part. <…> There is an agreement, it will be Mel Gibson, one of the key actors,” said Petrukhin.

He also noted that trikvel “Journey to India. On the threshold of immortality” is a joint project of Russia, China and India. It is known that the film’s budget of $40 million.

Also, the plot of the new film, returning from China to his homeland, accompanied by Cossacks and new Chinese friends, English traveler Jonathan green will be forced to stay in India.

“Know.ia” recalls that the Director and actor Xavier Dolan will take part in the filming of the sequel to the insanely famous horror film “It” based on the works of Stephen king. About it reports Deadline.

Гоголь перевернется в гробу: Мэл Гибсон снимется в франшизе "Вий"

Reporters noted that Dolan will play the role of a gay man named Adrian Mellon. In the book by Stephen king, this character is attacked by hooligans, and then meets Pennywise.

In the sequel, “Ono” adult heroes of the book by Stephen king will return to his native city of Derry 27 years after the events of the first film. The role of bill Denbrough will be performed by James McAvoy. Jessica Chastain will play Beverly and her husband Tom – an actor will Beinbrink.

On the role of the sinister dancing clown again called bill Skarsgard, and Andres, Moschetti, who directed the first part, again take the Director’s chair.

Гоголь перевернется в гробу: Мэл Гибсон снимется в франшизе "Вий"

British actress Emilia Clarke, known for his iconic role of daenerys Targaryen, has announced that it has completed filming the last season of “Game of thrones”,laying out photos in your account instagram

Of course, officially completed the filming of the series has been announced yet, but Clark razjasnili all touching post, which marked the farewell. In it she also thanked the team of the series over the last 10 years of working together.

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