The robot fired independently of the American programmer — and no man was able to stop him

The man could not help no boss, no Director of the company.

Робот самостійно звільнив американського програміста — і ні один чоловік не зміг йому перешкодити

American developer and co-founder of a startup Renly Ibrahim Diallo, told in her blog about a year ago, strangely lost his job — he was fired the machine, informs Rus.Media science and technology.

The developer writes that until the time of dismissal he was about a year worked in the company, which signed a contract with him for three years. His works were highly appreciated by his superiors and colleagues, but one of these days Diallo was suddenly released.

It all started with the fact that early in the morning he received a strange message from his recruiter

“It was 7am when the phone rang. It was my HR Manager. Too early for phone calls, so I did not answer. Later I woke up and prepared for the working day, and already on the way to work listen to the recording of the Voicemail that she left me: “Oh my God, are you okay?”

The programmer decided that his with someone else, making a random call, and began to take a strange question, not even knowing what happened.

At first he could not get to work: his pass at the entrance to the building was not working. The man was surprised, but, fortunately, familiar to the guard dropped on the card. Diallo immediately contacted the HR Department, telling about what happened there he said, “received a strange letter,” in which he is mentioned, and promised to solve the problem.

The next day, when the developer arrived at the office on the machine, didn’t work a Parking permit and key card to enter the building and had not worked.

A temporary pass partially solved both problems, but then began more serious issues: Diallo began to lose the access to work programme. In the middle of the working day, you threw it from the collective account, and the usual username and password were invalid.

Then the man asked a colleague to see what became of his task in a big project: it was inactive, and the developer account is completely deleted from the system.

Робот самостійно звільнив американського програміста — і ні один чоловік не зміг йому перешкодити

After that, the developer in a panic, the Manager called and said that he had received a letter of resignation Diallo. In the conversation she said he was very surprised, because Ibrahim is a valuable asset to the company, and no one was going to break a contract with him. No one, including the leadership, did not understand what was happening.

In the end it came down to the Chairman of the company:

“The Director laughed. She called someone from tech support, asked to understand the situation and immediately return the employee to the system. She assured that everything will be restored by the end of the day and told to get back to work”.

At the end of the day, when Diallo was about to leave, the Director showed him an e-mail message that has been written about the termination of the contract with the developer. The next day it was blocked in all office systems and in the afternoon near his table there were two guards who have received a letter stating to get the programmer from the office.

The next three weeks the developer was sitting at home, not receiving wages. All this time he corresponded with employees of the company who promised to investigate the strange situation. As a result, they found out that in the unexpected dismissal of an employee guilty of a failure in the system:

“The previous Manager should renegotiate the contract with me when the company I worked for was bought by a big organization, but he didn’t. As the old contract ended and the new has not been concluded, the system “decided” that I no longer work in the company”.

To solve this situation the company had to conclude with Diallo a brand new contract and re-configure it the desired access levels. Unfortunately, within three weeks, the developer could not work on an important project that really upset him.

“What I was called by a security system — just an illusion. Imagine what will happen if I do any serious violation of the rules. Of course, automation can be very useful for the company, but should be the quick ways to affect the machine, if it is wrong. I missed three weeks of work because no one could stop her”.

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