Favorite festival of millions of music lovers was the victim of perverts

Foreigners are repeatedly attacked the women for the violence

Любимый фестиваль миллионов меломанов стал жертвой извращенцев

The Swedish festival Bråvalla canceled because of the danger for women who will want to visit action. The organizers claim that foreigners are repeatedly attacked women for sexual violence.

Любимый фестиваль миллионов меломанов стал жертвой извращенцев

One of the biggest European music festivals, held annually in Sweden was cancelled because of a number of rapes during the event.

The Swedish Bråvalla fest was canceled at the decision of the organizers, as it can be dangerous to the health and lives of the attendees. It is reported by the American portal Breitbart.

“We were very sad to take such a decision, but based on the overall picture, we cannot hold this festival as we would like,” said one of the representatives of the organizers Bråvalla.

He also noted that sexual harassment towards women is a “social problem, not a problem specific festival.”

Любимый фестиваль миллионов меломанов стал жертвой извращенцев

Thus, only in the past, in 2017, the festival has recorded 11 attacks with the aim of sexual violence, in three cases, the attackers were arrested. The year before that around 40 young women complained of sexual harassment by men whom they called foreigners.

One of the victims, 17-year-old Alexander Larsson said that largely girls are raped at a festival workers.

Previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the cancellation of the festival were numerous cases of sexual harassment recorded in the West this year.

Last year, the Bråvalla festival took place from 28 June to 1 July. On the last day of the festival, the organizer FKP Scorpio has published a press release about the cancellation of the upcoming event. Representatives of the company did not specify when Bråvalla will be back.

According to police the city centre, where the festival takes place, law enforcement authorities received 11 reports of sexual harassment. One victim was raped during a performance by Swedish musician håkan Hellstrom (Håkan Hellström).

Любимый фестиваль миллионов меломанов стал жертвой извращенцев

It is also reported that visitors Bråvalla is the second year experiencing sexual harassment. In 2016, the Swedish police have reported five cases of rape at the festival.

In the same year on another big Swedish festival Putte i Parken recorded more than 30 cases of harassment.

As reported by the portal “Know.news Agency”the organizers of the annual Swedish music festival Bråvalla announced that it will conduct it next year.

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