Work at home and no gadgets: how to raise children millionaires

Not all children of millionaires are brought up in luxury

Труд по дому и никаких гаджетов: как воспитывают детей миллионеры

Meet Dani Johnson – a mother and a millionaire in one bottle. When she was 21, her husband left her with a baby and without a penny in his pocket. At 23 Denis earned his first million. Now she still has huge revenues and 5 children, whom she educates special methods. Reports Clutch.

Труд по дому и никаких гаджетов: как воспитывают детей миллионеры

No gadgets and television

All children of Denis Johnson received the first smartphones after their 16th birthday. The TV in the Johnsons and does not.

“My kids can’t afford a laptop or cell phone, because I did not earn. Mobile phone gives man properly organize and plan your time, and the TV shows stereotyped patterns of life. What can be learned, for example, the cartoon about Sponge Bob? Lazy character who always rejoices that handily encircles the other around the finger. And would you like to have your son grew up so? Would you like a husband for his daughter? If your child will not watch TV for a month, he can easily get rid of this addiction.”

Труд по дому и никаких гаджетов: как воспитывают детей миллионеры

Learn to love and respect the work

No need to teach children that work is something heavy and unpleasant. Children who constantly hear from parents is complaints about bosses and colleagues, who might not want to work at all.

Denis teaches his children to help her around the house, so they pay for accommodation and meals. She believes that children should be able to do work that they don’t like, because it will harden their character. Children should know that nothing in life they will not get free.

In a child with childhood should be the goal

Johnson told why the child needs to know from childhood what they want to do: “the family of my friends who owns a publishing house, the son did not want to learn and didn’t know what to do with my life. Then dad had to radically change this situation. He sent his son to work in a homeless shelter, with no personal funds.

Through the week carefree teenager came back a different man. The boy sincerely wished to improve their academic performance and even expressed a desire to participate in the family business. If the parents did not spoil the child as a child and he had his own purpose, desires and dreams, the boy would not have to pass “school of life” in about a week. But some children spend much more time! To think about it”.

Explain that money does not fall from the sky

Harsh parenting strategies Dani Johnson child should be provided with only the necessities, everything else he must get himself. So the child will understand that for the sake of fulfillment of his desires need much work.

“I give your child $ 50 a year on shoes and buy 4 pairs of jeans. Luxury shoes for the money will never buy, but if you really want — come and earn or seek a sale!”

It is better to spend or to save?

The house Denis the rule is: if the child was able to accumulate $ 10 for a certain period of time, he is given another 5. So the child may eventually save up for something desirable.

Successful people are generous

Dani Johnson encourages parents to teach children respect for other people’s needs and concerns! Her children give 10% of every earned amount to charity, and 20% leave for holidays and Hobbies, the balance to accumulate for the implementation of future ideas.

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