Titanoboa: the snake weighed a ton and was able to attack the elephants

Meeting with a snake this extraordinary would be the last to any creature on Earth.

Титанобоа: ця змія важила тонну і могла нападати на слонів

Titanoboa, grew to 20 meters in length and weighed more than a ton: try to imagine how the hunted this wild machine, informs Rus.Media in the world.

Fortunately, the snake is a giant extinct 60 million years ago. On the first excavations, where they found the skeleton of titanoboa, scientists at first could not believe their eyes — no one could not imagine that snakes are basically able to grow to such incredible size.

Титанобоа: ця змія важила тонну і могла нападати на слонів

The lower jaw, titanoboa four times more jaws of a giant snake. From the deadly grasp of production was not to get out. In theory, if titanoboa he opened his mouth, a man could stand inside upright.

With such a weight to move at a mere snake was very difficult. Most of the time, titanoboa held under water, and at once hunted. Ecosystem tituba shared with giant crocodiles, pleasaure and ancient turtles — and they’re all trying to beat the giant as possible.

It is believed that titanoboa extinct a long time ago. However, in the world there is still a lot that has never been explored in Africa, for example, still live snakes, whose dimensions reach the size of a huge log.

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