The ladies of Game of thrones will cut the most important

Kit Harington spoke about the serious intention of getting similarities with the image of John snow

Любимец женщин из Игры престолов отрежет самое важное

The star of the popular Saga “Game of thrones” kit Harington promises to get a haircut after the end of the series.

This is reported by the media.

The actor said that he is going to change dramatically enough to enjoy its recognition.

As you know, the eighth season will be the last in the glorious history of “Game of thrones” and the actors are already preparing to part with a favorite work forever.

Любимец женщин из Игры престолов отрежет самое важное

Many believe that colleagues on the set of the family, but the dream of total freedom. The role of John snow in an interview with foreign media, said he intends to make himself completely unrecognizable, he plans to cut hair and to do something completely new.

The actor says that the hair cut as short as possible, to distance themselves from the image, but with a beard to say goodbye it will be more difficult. While Harrington admits, he already like to wear long hair, but the haircut will become a certain ritual that will allow you to move to a new role. No external changes will make it impossible.

It should be noted that plans for the future Harrington began building last fall. Then the actor said that he was glad that towards the end of the series, as wants to try herself in new projects.

Любимец женщин из Игры престолов отрежет самое важное

It should be noted that previously known Icelandic athlete and actor Hafthor Björnsson, known as the Mountain from “Game of thrones” has great physical strength not only in movies but in life.

Not so long ago, incidentally, he received the title of “the strongest man in the world”. And, as it turned out, the Icelandic heavyweight a good specialist not only in throwing washing machines at a distance, but also in the fight. Write about the American media.

And the proof of this photo, which Haffter sparringe with former UFC champion Conor McGregor. Of course, some of the advantages Haftora in height and weight is impossible not to notice. He is taller than Conor at 31 cm and 130 kg heavier.

Любимец женщин из Игры престолов отрежет самое важное

However, during sparengo queue advantage was on the side Haftara, on the side of Conor. And despite the fact that the match ended in a friendly draw, in a recent interview with Bernson said that if they had to repeat this fight seriously, he would put the enemy for 10 seconds. And to the question, how much level fighters McGregor to defeat him, he replied: “at Least five”.

The official reaction of the MacGregor for this bold statement has not yet happened, but we would love to see this fight. From a safe distance.

Game of Thrones season 8 промо2018

We will remind, earlier the portal “ Agency” reported that the cat Harrington sent guests a wedding invitation in the style of “Game of thrones”.

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