The fisherman had almost become lunch for a unique sea monster

Along with his boat sailed a huge whale shark

Рыбак чуть не стал обедом для уникального морского чудовища

The fisherman just miraculously escaped from a sea monster , which hit the lens of the drone Dimitra Karanikolov.

This is reported by the media.

The picture was taken at a dramatic moment when the monster came to the ship at the closest distance. The more surprising is the reaction of the “victim” of the attack. It turned out that the Filipino did not scared the danger – on the contrary. He yawned and stretched, all kind of showing indifference to the “plans” giant marine life.

Рыбак чуть не стал обедом для уникального морского чудовища

First, Dmitry was surprised that the rest of the fishermen – from the side it looked ominous. However, on closer examination it became clear why the fisherman is not worried.

He “threatened” just the baby whale shark who doesn’t eat anything larger than plankton. Despite the fact that it is young, the size of the animal is impressive. And does the adult reaches a length of 12 meters.

It is worth noting that the unknown monster began to attack humanity, this entity can not be identified due to a number of reasons, but it carries the obvious danger to mankind. Scientists have named the two theories on the origin of the terrible body.

In America a surveillance camera caught something incredible, but previously existing. A mysterious creature has attacked people and a garage with things in the American town. Photo of the monster reminded by their appearance terrifying Chupacabra, which keeps at Bay the many people in the world.

This insufficient knowledge of the effect allows some people to panic.

Рыбак чуть не стал обедом для уникального морского чудовища

However, scientists have put forward two theories on the origin of the monster. The first option, called the import of the Tasmanian wolf, which lives in the United States today, although it is considered missing more than 80 years. The second assumption is based on the mutation of species in nature. Unusual scenes quickly spread via the world wide web, collecting a lot of feedback from interested users.

Additionally informed biologists found out the remains of the six beasts from Africa. This creature looks like a whale and a Dolphin. Strong decomposition complicated the case. On the virtual resource users have been actively discussing this monster, this further baffled researchers. The lower jaw of the animal was broken, but it could happen after his death.

According to marine biologist Simon Elena, on the coast of Namibia failed to find the remains of cluburile – mammal of the suborder of toothed whales. This sea animal can reach seven meters in length and weigh 3 tons. Klaveril met at a depth of 2900 meters. At the moment the number of members of this species remain unknown. According to Elven, to meet cluburile even in the water very difficult, and on the shore – it is a unique case.

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We will remind, earlier the portal “Znayu” reported that in the stomach of a sperm whale found a terrible discovery.

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