Putin’s showmanship was found dead in Columbia: first details

In Colombia mysteriously killed the head of Team Putin

Путинского шоумена нашли мертвым в Колумбии: первые подробности

In one of the hotels Columbia had discovered the dead body of the host and showman Andrei Borodin.

This information was reported in his Instagram famous Russian stylist Sergey Zverev.

“Yeah, so, Andrew died. Died from a blow to the head in a hotel in Colombia, especially unknown. Sergey previously communicated with him, he helped sometimes in concerts. Don’t know exactly what he was doing there, sort of rested. Friends said that the body is still there. Mother of Andrew left behind him,” — quoted by his press Secretary Svetlana “StarHit”.

Путинского шоумена нашли мертвым в Колумбии: первые подробности

Friend of Russian showman said that he wasn’t able to get out of severe depression. Exacerbate the problem allegedly contributed to trouble in the business.

“At one point, something went wrong. Began to throw his partners. He took it and flew to Colombia,” the source said.

According to this person, in correspondence, the friends tried in vain to get him to return to Russia, however, he stopped communicating.

“He deliberately ruined myself”, — says a friend of the deceased.

Russian Embassy in Colombia confirmed the death of Borodin. According to diplomats, the body was discovered at the end of may in a locked room in the hotel of medellín. Ostensibly about death didn’t even relatives, they have informed just now.

Путинского шоумена нашли мертвым в Колумбии: первые подробности

According to Evgeny Naumov, press Secretary of the Russian Embassy, crime in no way connected with the death of a showman.

“According to the police, no crime there, it was a non-violent death”, — he said.

Leading how many years is unknown. According to information provided by friends Borodin, the guy was 25.

An interesting fact in his biography is that he was an ardent admirer of the policies of the current Russian President Vladimir Putin and even made it to the Putin Team.

Путинского шоумена нашли мертвым в Колумбии: первые подробности

As previously reported portal “Znayu” Russian comedian and singer semen Slepakov were in the criminals of the Ukrainian center “Peacemaker”. The artist put the speech in occupied Crimea, as evidenced by the questionnaire Slepakova under “Purgatory.”

“Deliberate violation of the state border of Ukraine with purpose of penetration into the occupied Russian Crimea. Illegal concert activity on the territory of the occupied Crimea”, – stated in the reasons for the inclusion of a comedian in base of the “Peacemaker”.


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