In hospitals of Ternopil have died a boy of three

In Ternopil 3-year-old Artyom died in intensive care due to the fact that the doctors did not gave the child the correct diagnosis.

У лікарні Тернополя помер трирічний хлопчик

Boy few days have been treated for viral respiratory infections and sore throats, although in fact he had meningitis, informs Rus.Media extraordinary events.

The child’s parents called an ambulance after he had a fever, which failed to bring down.

“Doctors examined the child, brought down the temperature of conventional drugs. It seems, analgin. The temperature dropped. The doctors told me that this is a common virus supposedly picked up in kindergarten,” – said Hope Kachur.

The next day the boy several times his temperature rose to 39 degrees and more.

Call an ambulance several times, but the doctors said that the boy had a normal virus. When he started vomiting, the doctors said that Artem purulent tonsillitis.

But never the doctors offered to hospitalize the boy.

When the child became worse, the parents took him to the hospital where they were told that Artem is no tonsillitis and placed in the infectious diseases Department.

To stop the vomiting, doctors gave the boy Reglan which can not be used in meningitis. When Artem got worse, he was taken to intensive care, where it died.

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