Ukrainians are prepared for the increase in the price of insurance

The last time the maximum tariffs at the legislative level was raised in 2010.

Українців готують до подорожчання автоцивілки

The Presidium of Motor (transport) insurance Bureau of Ukraine intends to raise tariffs on CTP.

It is reported that the frequency of insurance cases in Ukraine is growing simultaneously with the unprofitability of this type of insurance, so by 2019 all insurers will move to the maximum provided by law, the amount of insurance. However, experts warn that such measures will not help to compensate for the increase in the size of insurance payments, informs Rus.Media car.

Director General of the Association “business Insurance” Vyacheslav Chernyakhovsky argues that in the years 2015-2017 growth of loss and insurance payments up to 35-40% of premiums collected. In the country, more cars, including with the European rooms, which leads to increased insurance claims. Almost a third of all reported claims accounted for payments to 5 thousand UAH.

While different companies have different loss ratios. The loss ratio of the top 20 largest insurers in 2017 67.8%, when the rest of SK – 48.7 per cent. Insurers with high loss factor is proposed to afford to increase the cost of insurance.

By the way, the last time the maximum tariffs at the legislative level was raised in 2010. The base payment is then reduced by more than a third – up to 180 days, and the correction coefficients increased. Since then, tariffs have not been revised: it should not just make the decision in the Presidium of the Motor Bureau, but also to convince of the need to increase the cost of the financial services Commission.

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