In Lviv was judged by the anesthesiologist, whose actions led to the death. Video

Во Львове судили анестезиолога, чьи действия привели к смерти. Видео

The relatives of the deceased was awarded compensation in the amount of 500 thousand UAH.

The court ordered the Lviv regional clinical hospital to pay half a million hryvnias of compensation to the relatives of the patient who died during operations in 2014, reports the with reference to channel 5.

In addition, Themis has identified 5 years of imprisonment anesthesiologist that has been found guilty in the death of 45-year-old man. However, she was released from the punishment at the end of the Statute of limitations to four years lasted the litigation.

Svetlana Semina holds a photo of his 45-year-old son Victor. This is one of his last pictures. Four summers ago he had his wisdom teeth removed, then he became ill. “He says I can’t breathe, I have a swollen throat. The swelling increased, they came to jaw surgery, the doctor on duty looked up and said,” Oh, there’s nothing to do this operation for 15 minutes. We narkoznoe will do an autopsy, the pus will release and all will be well,” recalls the mother of the deceased.

Viktor Semin physicians diagnosed odontogenic phlegmon – purulent inflammation of the oral cavity. Victor died during intubation – the introduction of a special tube into the trachea for mechanical ventilation.

“We were told that the brother died. That are unable to zainteresovat, it’s too short and very muscular neck. And so there was nothing they could do,” says the sister of the deceased Tatiana Ivanenko. To Victor’s death brought the unprofessional actions of the anesthesiologist, convince relatives of the deceased: “the Conclusion of all the experts is mechanical asphyxia, caused by the anaesthetist. Wrong anesthesia did – that’s my brother from this suffocated”.

Four years Semin has made a verdict. “The complexity of medical Affairs in what? Involves a large number of workers, and that a person is held criminally responsible, the sentence should be taken to court it is important to establish that these actions led to the death,” – explains the lawyer of the victims Iryna senyuta.

Anesthesiologist convinced, did everything according to medical protocols: “There are cases when the patient is impossible to intubate. This is known in medicine. Called for a consultation from other specialists who should, if necessary, to help.”

The Shevchenkovsky district court recognized anesthesiologist guilty to improper execution of professional duties and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. But the medic was released from punishment by lapse of time. Also, Themis has satisfied the civil suit of relatives of the deceased. Regional clinical hospital must pay compensation in the amount of 500 thousand UAH.

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