“Protection against the fool”. What happens if you go to the hospital (video)

This question sooner or later comes to mind almost every driver. But to arrange such a test your car almost no one dares.

«Захист від дурня». Що буде, якщо на ходу включити задню передачу (відео)

What actually happens if the “stick back” at the moment when the car goes forward at full speed?

Enable “reverse” while driving forward is theoretically possible on any machine – that “machine” that with the “mechanics”. But subsequent events will be completely different. Let’s start with the gearbox, informs Rus.Media.

Some modern mechanical gearboxes lever position is a higher gear and “reverse gear” is located nearby and you accidentally when you switch to get, as they say, not there. Though, on most modern gearbox for reverse, you need to remove the lock, usually you need to pull up a special “ring” on the gearshift lever. That is, the accidental inclusion is excluded. But there are transmission, where nothing like this – just the automaker is counting on the prudence of the driver.

One way or another, but to enable “reverse” on the machine with “mechanics”, which goes forward, it is theoretically possible. In practice, when you try to do it from the bowels of the machine is heard terrible noise and rattle, and the gearshift lever comes out of the hands intending to be on neitralni position. This is quite understandable: including the back at speed, we are trying to introduce two meshing gears rotate in opposite directions. At this stage of the experience most inquisitive fright interrupting the experiment. But in fact, the presence of remarkable physical strength of the driver, “bald” rubber and enough of the worn gear teeth in the manual “stick back” on-the-go is still possible.

While driving wheels will immediately begin to rotate in the opposite direction. On rear wheel drive cars this will end quickly by stopping the machine, and front drive – instant and complete loss of control with all the ensuing consequences. If the wheel is at least slightly rotate from the straight-ahead position to the side, the machine will begin to spin like a top while continuing to move by inertia forward. In General, the way better not try to do this.

How this works in practice and how many times can you repeat this “trick” look at the video:

In the case of an automatic gearbox will all happen very differently. It is possible to translate the selector in position “R” while driving at any speed. However, in some car models do not work – the electronics will block such movement of the selector lever. But many – no problem. And oddly, anything with a machine is not going to happen – it will continue to go forward with the same speed. Built-in electronic brains of the car “protection against the fool” simply to block the driver’s command. Thus, switch joystick automatic transmission into “R” while driving forward will only include white reversing light in the rear block headlights and a rear view camera – if it’s there, of course. For reversing the machine with the “machine” will really only switch when a full stop.

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