Named the main directions of import of used cars in Ukraine

Названы основные направления импорта подержанных авто в Украину

Of these countries it is cheaper to import the car.

In Ukraine sold more used cars than new. So, in the first quarter of 2018, the share of used cars, which first came to Ukraine from abroad, was 57%. And this is 24 thousand cars, reports the with reference on Your Car.

Perhaps even more driven in our country “car plates” without customs clearance, but the exact statistics of such machines is not conducted.

Western and Eastern Europe

More used cars in Ukraine imported from Europe is natural. Auto “under customs clearance” driven mainly from Germany and France (and it is the largest-volume markets), as well as from Italy, Belgium, Switzerland. Among the most popular models of Volkswagen Passat and Golf, Renault Megane, Skoda Octavia, Opel Astra and Insignia. Overall, this vehicles 2010-2015 manufacturing, hatchbacks, and station wagons primarily European brands and diesel engines.

If the car is imported in transit or for temporary admission without the intention of a clearance, more a car brought in from Poland and Lithuania. Also popular importing countries “autoshare” – Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Estonia. The most popular brands – again, Volkswagen, a lot of “premium” – Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz. French and Japanese cars are also found, but in smaller quantities.

USA and the far East

In the first three months of 2018 in Ukraine has imported 4.2 thousand cars from the USA. Mostly it is damaged in an accident or drowned cars that are cheaper to restore in Ukraine than in America. Most often import sedans or SUVs 2012-2016 years of manufacture with petrol engines. Popular models – Ford Fusion (Mondeo), Toyota Camry, RAV-4, Hyundai Sonata, VW Passat, Nissan Rogue (X-Trail), Honda Accord, CR-V, BMW 5, X5, Mercredes-Benz C-class.

Oddly enough, but in Ukraine, import used cars, even from such distant countries as South Korea and Japan. Of course, not so massively, however, such a business exists. Bring typically the cars of local brands.

With the United Arab Emirates earlier drove a lot of SUVs, but today their popularity has greatly decreased.

Few rides for cars from abroad on their own. Most people order them in Ukraine, and middlemen organize the entire process – selection, delivery and customs clearing. Usually this service costs the buyer from 500 to 1500 U.S. dollars.

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