What do you say little boy? TAYANNA mastered a new profession

Что скажет маленький сын? TAYANNA освоила новую профессию

TAYANNA gave his voice to the new project Disney animation the Incredibles 2, which is published in the Ukrainian film on June 14.

Yesterday, June 13, in the capital’s cinema Oscar (IFC Gulliver) was prerelease American superhero animated film the Incredibles 2. In the original cartoon Director brad bird has a name Incredibles 2.

The star team of Ukrainian dubbing is joined by Singer year of release award Golden Firebird 2018 TAYANNA, which has long dreamed to take part in the dubbing of the cartoon.

Что скажет маленький сын? TAYANNA освоила новую профессию


TAYANNA voice in the animated film talks to a young and ambitious superheroine void. Her super-powers to move objects in space and to manipulate objects around, creating voids that allow objects to appear and disappear. According to the head effects of Darwin Furnace, the void is one of the most technologically advanced characters.

In the original movie version of the character duplicates the American film and television actress Sophia Bush. She became famous thanks to such projects as van Wilder, Sabrina, the teenage witch, Die, John Tucker!, One tree hill How to marry a billionaire and Chicago Fire.

Что скажет маленький сын? TAYANNA освоила новую профессию


“Modern animation is awesome! We watched the first part of the adventures of the Incredibles with my son and know all the characters. To my great and pleasant surprise was the participation in the dub.

The dubbing of the film is an incredible experience, you miss the hero through himself, reincarnated in him. My character void has telekinesis, it is incredibly interesting and emotional. Sure the audience will love it!” — shared his impressions of the singer TAYANNA.

Что скажет маленький сын? TAYANNA освоила новую профессию


The showing of the cartoon at the cinema Oscar Muse Alan Badoev came with his year old son Daniel, who with great pleasure watching a cartoon where the voice of one of the characters told his mother.

Watch the video for the animated film the Incredibles 2 (Ukrainian trailer):

Certificate of the artist

Tatyana Reshetnyak (TAYANNA) is a famous Ukrainian pop singer, ex-soloist of the popular female group, Hot Chocolate. TAYANNA is also called the Muse Alan Badoev, famous film Director, music video Director and producer. She took part in the competition the voice of the country, the national selection of Ukraine for the Eurovision song contest 2017 and 2018 contest.

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